The Potential of Geothermal Power: Q&A with Sarah Jewett, Fervo Energy’s VP of Strategy


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Houston-based Fervo Energy, the leader in enhanced geothermal technology, is accelerating decarbonization by bringing 24/7 carbon-free electricity to the grid.  

Fervo’s mission is to leverage geoscience innovations to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Fervo continues to demonstrate the commercial viability and scalability of enhanced geothermal energy, which uses breakthrough techniques to harness heat from the earth and generate continuous electricity.  

Sarah Jewett, VP of Strategy at Fervo, shared more about how Fervo has been able to leverage proven oil and gas technologies, such as horizontal drilling, well stimulation, and fiber-optic sensing, to pave the way toward a low-carbon energy future. 

Q: Can you share your background and tell us a little about your career prior to joining Fervo Energy? 

I’m a mechanical engineer by training. My career started in oil field services after working internships in hydropower and wind power. Transition technologies, such as enhanced geothermal systems, require a wide range of technical and operational innovations. When I joined Fervo Energy, I knew I was with the right team to accomplish the massive mission of addressing climate change. 

Q: What are some of the challenges Fervo encounters as a carbon-free energy company? 

There are a lot of misperceptions around the geothermal industry. Traditional geothermal wells require highly specific subsurface conditions—the right heat, fluid saturation, and permeability. Because of this, it has been challenging to scale geothermal energy.  

Our enhanced geothermal technology is a game changer, but our technical demonstrations are capital intensive. So, one of our biggest ongoing challenges is to execute our projects flawlessly, building a new reputation centered around scalability and affordability.  

In addition, when we started, we faced a somewhat uncertain market. Today, as companies look for innovative ways to decarbonize operations, geothermal has become one of the hottest renewables on the market.  

Q: You’re now in your seventh year as a company. What are some of the major milestones that have contributed to the success of the business? 

Fervo recently completed the 30-day well test on Project Red, a first-of-its-kind geothermal pilot project, located in northern Nevada. We confirmed record production of 24/7 carbon-free enhanced geothermal energy, which established Project Red as the most productive enhanced geothermal system in history.  

This success validated the commercial viability of Fervo’s geothermal well construction and monitoring technologies, which leverage drilling and production innovations from modern oil and gas development. Since then, we’ve broken ground on our Cape Station project, a near-field development in southwest Utah that is set to deliver 400 MW of power by 2028.   

Q: Tell us about your vision for the future. What is Fervo Energy focused on in 2024? 

We’re ushering in a new era of geothermal energy. Our approach to enhanced geothermal energy is no longer a theoretical concept—it’s a proven solution for meeting the world’s growing demand for sustainable energy. We’re building modular power facilities and we’re able to scale them quickly. In 2024, we’re focused on finding the capital we need to achieve the scale we want. That will be key to unlocking much more growth.  

Learn more about Fervo Energy and its pioneering approach to next-generation geothermal energy.   


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